Reference Documents

Responder Incident Experience Update Sheet.
Posted - 01/22/2015
Official 2014 Position List -- not 508 Compliant
Posted - 01/15/2015
Where to enter FS EmpowHR ID for the Boot Stipend.
Posted - 04/07/2014
Setid Processing
Posted - 04/02/2014
Licenses/Certificates with expiring Competencies
Posted - 03/19/2014
Reference Document on how to manage instructors and instructor history in IQCS.
Posted - 06/27/2014
Quick navigator is a print out to quickly find your path through the IQCS menu.
Posted - 06/15/2009
About the complex prerequisites for training and position codes (CPX & TPX).
Posted - 04/07/2014
No Override Competencies
Posted - 04/04/2014
A description of how to request a new position with an agency specific or NWCG code.
Posted - 03/24/2014
A listing of information to add a new Responder.
Posted - 02/12/2014
Responder Search Functionality
Posted - 06/12/2013
How to Add/Remove an employee to FS-FPM
Posted - 06/12/2013
Instructions on how to request a course be added to IQCS
Posted - 05/02/2014
Allows easy review and update of several responders
Posted - 01/14/2010
A description of the action reason selections on the job data pages.
Posted - 06/15/2009