How to manually update Refresher or Fitness with out using Course Sessions



1.                  All qualification criteria are held at the responderís competency record.The training record is separate from the competency record and not considered when the system checks to see if a person meets all the requirements of a job.

2.                  When a person completes a fitness training session named, PHFT-A for arduous the responder is awarded the competency FITCAT, and their proficiency is set to arduous at the responderís competency record.

3.                  You can manually update the responderís fitness competency by navigating to the competency record and update the dates there.This will require a justification reason and Authorization Official to be entered for documentation.

4.                  If the responder has taken either fitness or refresher in the past they will already have the competency but it may be expired so the dates will need to be updated with the appropriate new dates.You will update these dates at the competency rating page.At the competency rating page you will add a record to the competency FITCAT, set the appropriate start date, proficiency level e.g., Arduous, enter a justification reason, and enter an authorizing official, and then save. The responderís fitness or refresher competencies have been updated.

5.                  Rectangular Callout: Click here to add row to update fitness 
If it is the responderís very first time to take either the Fitness test or Refresher, RFSR, then there will be one added step before setting the information outlined in step 4.The responder will need to be assigned the FITCAT, or RFSR competency.Awarding the competency administratively is done at the assign competency page.

Page 2






Rectangular Callout: Notice there are two rows now. The system will look to the most current row by date.





Rectangular Callout: After adding the row fill in new dates, set proficiency level, enter justification and authorizing official and save.




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Assigning the competency



Rectangular Callout: Select Category Fitness.  Check competency click button to move comp to responderís record