Incident Qualification Card Screen (& Selecting Jobs to Print on the Card and import to ROSS)

NOTE: BOTH ‘PRINT TO CARD’ AND ‘CERTIFY POSITION’ (E in the picture) MUST BE CHECKED OR JOBS WILL NOT PRINT ON THE CARD and the data will NOT be sent to the ROSS application.

Key Points

Please note that an individuals’ most current FITCAT and RFSR competencies have been added to the Incident Qualification Card page (A). This allows the user to see at a glance, the most common reason a job may lose qualification – expiring fitness or refresher training.

The Fitness and Refresher Status box is displayed data only.  If the most current row of Fitness or Refresher has an Expiration Date that has not expired, the date will be displayed as normal text. If the Expiration Date has expired, the date will be highlighted in Red. (B) This date is the Expiration Date of the competency.

Note:  If the responder has neither Fitness nor Refresher, the “Fitness and Refresher Status” group box will not be displayed!

Before you can print the Qualification Card with the jobs you select, several things must be done:

You must enter the Empl ID of the person who is the Certifying Official for this employee (the person who actually is responsible for signing the individual’s Qualification Card). (C)

Experience Status of the job must be either Qualified or Trainee. Any other status in this block will prevent the position from being selected for printing. (D)

Only jobs with the Qualified or Trainee status will be available for selection. BOTH the “Print to Card” AND “Certify Position” boxes must be checked or the job WILL NOT print on the card. (E) This example would yield a BLANK Qualification Card for this employee.

The Priority performs two functions: it tells the system what order to print the jobs on the Qualification Card (you can set priorities for both Trainee and Qualified jobs. You CAN and should have a Priority 1 Qualified Job and a Priority 1 Trainee job. (F) The second function is that the number 1 priority job is identified to ROSS for both Q and T jobs. The number 1 priority job is also the one workforce analytics uses to assess the current workforce.

  1. If you leave Priority blank, jobs will print in alphabetical order (qualified jobs will always print above trainee jobs). The topmost Q and T jobs will be considered the priority jobs for ROSS.

Any job that has had its status administratively changed (either by authorized agency personnel or by the system when the individual’s qualification status changes) will have a check mark in the “Admin. Action” column. (G) If you need to change this status, you must write a justification statement for the action. (H) The Empl ID of the person Authorizing this action is required (screen not shown).

The date shown in the “Position/Taskbook Expiration Date” column is either the Position Currency expiration date, or the Task Book Expiration Date. (I) If the job is a Trainee position and there is a date in that column, it is the date the Task Book for that position expires.