How to see what makes up a “Complex Position Prerequisite” in IQCS

In many responders’ competency summary you may see a Position Code (the old incident job code mnemonic, like STCR) with three more letters—“CPX”—appended to the position code (STCRCPX, for example).

This code tells the computer that the individual has satisfied one set of position requirements for a job that may have more than one pathway to qualification. An example of such a position is the Call-When-Needed Helicopter Manager, HCWN. The requirements for that position can be met several ways, including several combinations of qualifications in Single Resource Boss positions.

IQCS will post the complex position prerequisite code to a responder’s records when that responder has met one of those required pathways. However, the system will not specifically show you what pathway was met.

When you are troubleshooting a responder’s qualifications and the Role to Person Match lists one of these complex prerequisites, you can view the pathways that comprise the prerequisite by navigating to: Set Up HRMS>Foundation Tables>Job Attributes>Responder Position Code Table.

The page will open on the Job Code search page. Enter the basic position code (mnemonic), in the example we used the Forest Service set ID and “HCWN”. The application opens the above page on the Job Code Profile tab. Select the Complex Prerequisite Positions tab, choose “View All” in the blue header bar under the code for the complex prerequisite, and note what positions are grouped together. If a responder has become qualified in any of the groups shown, they have met the complex position prerequisite for that job. There will still be the possibility that additional training or experience is required before they can be issued a Position Task Book for the position, but they will have met the basic position requirements of the job.