Positions Migrated that were Trainee in the Red Card/SACS systems

We had a case come up recently where a user had finished doing all that was required to make a person fully qualified for a given position, but the when the Redcard was opened that position stayed in a Trainee status. The reason for this was that the position was overridden to a "T" during the migration of data, and as long as that position was overridden it would never be fully qualified.

The remedy to this is to open the Redcard page up, turn the "Admin Action" checkbox off for that position, leave the page and return again - which will allow the online qual process to recheck that position. With the override off, the position will then became fully qualified.

NOTE: Please be carefull about using this as a general rule of thumb. If you turn the "Admin Action" off and the position isn't qualified, when you return to the Redcard page that position will then become unqualified, which will require you to override again and require a new "Admin Action Reason" to be entered.