Requesting or Modifying an Incident Qualifications and Certification
System (IQCS) Account

We have a NEW process to request an account in IQCS to meet qualification management for wild land fire and DOI all-hazard response. (28-Jan-2013)

New Changes
We no longer require signed security documents; each time you log into IQCS from our new sign in page, you accept or reject the Terms of Service, which replaces the security docs.
We now gather the required information to build a new IQCS account in this PDF document, IQCS Account Request Form.
The preferred method of submitting an account request is as a PDF file.
The user is responsible to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

What remains the same
Training must be identified from either an Instructor-led class or 1-on-1 training. IQCS training is required.
Your Supervisor authorization is required.
Your Agency authorization is still required.

New IQCS User Accounts
Download the fillable sheet IQCS Account Request Form to a local drive, e.g. your desktop or My Documents.

Fill out fields 1 to 12.
Click on this Roles document for a listing of the more common reports and functions available to each role.
Click on the appropriate document for a listing of agency orgnization codes BIA Orgs, BLM Orgs, FWS Orgs, NPS Orgs, USFS Orgs, TNC Orgs to be used when requesting access.
Reminder: Don't forget to identify how you will receive training. If you don't know how this is going to be achieved, discuss this with your unit IQCS lead or agency regional representative.
SAVE your filled out form to a local drive.

Email Account Request form as an attachment to your local IQCS lead/supervisor.

When your local IQCS lead/supervisor forwards the document to your Agency Regional Representative, BIA, BLM, FWS, NPS, USFS it acknowledges the expected workload.

Modifying existing IQCS User Accounts
If you have changed jobs and require access to new organization codes
Submit a new IQCS Account Request Form form to your agency regional representative.

If you require additional Roles to the same organization codes
Your supervisor must send an email requesting the roles to your agency regional representative.

If you are starting a temporary detail that requires access to other organization codes
Submit a new IQCS Account Request Form form to your agency regional representative.

Awards Certifying Official status to an IQCS Account Manager for the purpose of completing qualifications.
Posted - 07/05/2009
This spreadsheet will show which page that can be accessed by each role. This is a non-508 compliant document. For a 508-compliant see the Roles document in Step 2 of the New IQCS User Accounts instructions.
Posted - 03/13/2013