About IQCS

The Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) is an information system that tracks training and certifications for Wild land Firefighters.

IQCS is an Interagency application that allows the sharing of Wild land Firefighter training and certification data across all involved agencies (BLM, NPS, BIA, FWS, and the USFS).

The four major functions that IQCS performs are as follows:

1. Certification Standards Management: IQCS contains the Wild land fire incident response position performance standards and their respective qualification and certification requirements.
2. Training Management: IQCS can interface with LMS's or provide stand-alone abilities for course/offering descriptions, learning objectives, pre-course requirements, class schedules, student registration and class participation information.
3. Workforce Analysis: IQCS can report and forecast the disposition, status and deficiencies of all tracked positions from any agency in the incident response community; using a snapshot up to a 3-5 year projection.
4. Incident Responder Management: IQCS tracks personnel information related to qualifications and incident history that includes information such as: positions, position performance, training, physical fitness status, and external warrants.