FEMA - Incident Qualifications and Certification System (FEMA IQCS)

********** Attention ********** FEMA IQCS is Closing As of 29 July,2014, Users will no longer have access to FEMA IQCS. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact "FQS Data Management Team" at FQSDataMgmtTeam@fema.dhs.gov          Thanks You

What is IQCS?
IQCS stands for the Incident Qualification and Certification System. It is a system managed by the Bureau of Land Management originally developed to support wildland fire response qualifications process. By way of an interagency agreement between FEMA and BLM, BLM has created a FEMA specific instance of IQCS that supports FEMA's business rules under FQS.

Will ADD qualification information eventually be incorporated into IQCS or will two systems have to be maintained?
Yes. Qualifications data management will be done in IQCS and shared with ADD. ADD will still be used for deployment purposes. Deployment history information that directly supports qualification for assigned positions will be shared by ADD with IQCS. ADD will have all personal information. IQCS will only maintain name, job title and qualification information and progress status.

Who will have access to IQCS?
Specific user roles and access levels are still being determined. All authorized users will have access via a web site and can log in from any computer with internet connectivity.

How do I get access to IQCS?
User access requests must be submitted on BLM request forms to BLM. The forms can be obtained at: Request Account

Also at this site are specific request instructions. All required fields of the form must be completed and the request must be approved by a FEMA IQCS Project Manager. The Project Manager is responsible to validate the organization code and user level in accordance with FEMA policy.

Can Cadre Managers pull ad-hoc reports?
IQCS has a robust reports capability. A comprehensive list of reports is available to choose from which should limit the need for ad-hoc reports. FEMA has a Data Warehouse capability that can be used to pull some kinds of ad-hoc reports. If a specific report is required that is not currently available from IQCS, it can be requested from the FEMA IQCS Project Manager.

Can reports be run by region, function, geography, etc.?
Yes. IQCS has that capability, but the reportable data is constrained by the access level of the individual running the report. For example, a region cannot look up another region's or headquarter office's qualification data and National Program Managers will not be able to look at the qualification data for programs other than their assigned program.

Will IQCS allow me to search for specific skill sets?
Yes. Although ADD will be the primary system for managing agency specialties, IQCS has the ability to record specialties, licenses and certifications with a great deal of detail. For example, the expiration date of a license can be recorded as well as the state in which the license was issued.

Can IQCS handle a high volume of simultaneous users?
Yes. The application can allow about 100 simultaneous users. The only thing that really slows down IQCS is a user's internet connection.

If FQS requirements for a particular position change in the future will the system automatically make the employee "unqualified?"
No. Once a person becomes qualified in a position, he/she will remain qualified unless the new requirements are set to be retroactive before his/her qualification date and/or the individual loses currency for non-activity.

What is the IQCS Helpdesk? Is this different that the FEMA IT Helpline?
The IQCS Helpdesk is staffed specifically to support IQCS users. The IQCS Helpdesk is not the same as the FEMA IT Helpdesk and has a separate phone number. FEMA IQCS Help Desk